CHO Administrative Scrivener Office is doing a professional business such as "Immigration Services", "Copyright Management".

"Business Content"

● Management of Intellectual Property; Registration of Copyright and Program, Contract of Use and Transfer 

● Immigration Application; Status of Residence, Employment Qualifications  

● Will and Inheritance; Will by Notarized Document, Agreement on Division of Inheritance 

● Multilingual IT Support; Phone and E-mail Consultation in Korean, Multilingual Website Production, Groupware introduction, PC replacement 

Our Customers are in Tokyo, Kawasaki, Yokohama.
And You can send us an E-mail from abroad.  

"CHO administrative scrivener office"

Administrative scrivener T.N CHO 
Registration No.15082141
Affiliation; Administrative Documentation Lawyers Association of Tokyo 
Postal code; 144-0047
Address; 2-3-6 Haginaka, Ota-ku, Tokyo 
TEL; 03-3742-2889
FAX; 03-3742-2930
Business hours; Weekdays 8:00 to 18:00
Closed; Sunday and Public Holiday